Warning: video shows very ouch-y looking boo boo on a dog's paw

I LOVE my dogs very much and I like to think I take very good care of them. They go outside to run around and potty, but spend 90% of their day napping instead of having a job or taking care of any household chores.

Mucky is Currently Unemployed via Renee Raven
Mucky is Currently Unemployed via Renee Raven


Despite their lack of contribution, I still don't want them hurt, so Tabi's information on those nasty foxtail stickers is now something I regularly check for. It's a good idea to keep grass mowed (for stickers AND mosquitos) and to avoid walking your dogs through tall grasses. Of course taking your fur friend for grooming and nail trimming can also help spot these problems.

WebMD Pets warns that foxtail grass can easily get into pet's feet, eyes, ears and more and has an extensive article on symptoms and what to do if your animal has gotten a sticker embedded into their skin.


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