The incredibly popular Lubbock's Breakfast House & Grill has granted my wish and is opening a new location in Central Lubbock at 3515 50th St.

Their extensive menu, which includes unique items like stuffed waffles and now a ribs and eggs breakfast platter, is the stuff of a foodie's dream.

House Eggs Benedict with Fruit & a Huge Omelette with Stuffed Hash Browns

The location is the former Wild Burger that has been closed for some time. Lubbock's Breakfast House has remodeled the location.

I spoke with an employee on the phone who told me they plan to include a coffee bar and an extended burger menu at the new location.

The new location is also much larger than the other two and near my home, ensuring I never meet my weight loss goals. That's actually untrue, as Lubbock Breakfast House's huge menu also includes plenty of healthy stuff. It's up to me to skip my favorite dish: sweet potato pancakes and blueberry topping and whipped cream with a side of stuffed ranchero hashbrowns. Clearly, that is a difficult decision to make.

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