Thirteen-year-old Lubbock teen Adalie Rivera was found safe in Dumas, Texas Tuesday (March 21) after see went missing from Colorado Springs last Friday, according to KCBD news. Her family had been on vacation, and the teen left their hotel while they were sleeping.

Now, I understand it's human nature to be curious about what happened. It's how we as a species have survived and thrived. When we see a problem, we immediately want to analyze it, talk about it, and speculate on how things could have been different. That's a good thing.

However, it's NEVER a good thing to be crappy for no good reason, as I've seen quite a few folks be in the comments sections on various news sites. Since it's easier for me to talk it out, there's a little video above.

Things could have been so much worse for Adalie. You may recall the disappearance of Joanna Rogers, which had a much worse result. Joanna met up with a much older man (and we only know his side of the story, unfortunately) after meeting him in an online chat room. She was only 16 at the time. She was a victim, in more ways than one.

So yes, we do need to be serious when it comes to teaching our children to be safe. It really can save lives. But offering unsolicited negative advice to a very startled and probably traumatized family is doing nothing but massaging your own sense of superiority, which is one tragedy away from evaporating forever.

If you would like to either rally behind some comments or simply annoy yourself like I did, head over to KCBD's Facebook page. And here's the Facebook update posted from Colorado Springs PD, completely full of armchair detectives, if you simply must know more:

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