Daniel "Gabriel" Martinez is only 39 years old. He is a beloved family member, a beloved friend- and he is on life support while his family members say their last goodbyes.

What happened to Daniel is so unusual, so unlikely, and, frankly, horrifying. Daniel contracted Necrotizing fasciitis, commonly referred to as Flesh Eating Bacteria. After multiple surgeries and amputation, Daniel simply does not have enough of his body left to survive.

Daniel's family is seeking help to bury their loved one, as this illness happened suddenly and unexpectedly. If you can, please donate at their GoFundMe page. Even small amounts add up quickly, and your kindness will shine a little light during this dark time.

You can read more about Daniel's story below:

Daniel "Gabriel" Martinez was only 39 years old when doctors diagnosed him with Necrotizing Fasciitis or otherwise known as flesh eating bacteria on his leg. They told us that because of his previous health problems such as dialysis and blood pressure that he probably wouldn't even make it through the first surgery. Danny made it through 8 surgeries on his leg. His leg ended up being amputated above the knee but he fought very hard and we were all very happy. They then moved him to the burn unit so he could start his skin grafts and from there he was suppose to go to rehab to start learning how to walk with a prosthetic. Danny will never get to make it there. A few days later he began complaining of stomach pains. The doctors figured it may be because of all the medicines they had been giving him and maybe he wasn't able to make a bowel movement. This went on for about 5 days. Then Danny started vomiting and his blood pressure dropped way low. The next day he had to have another Surgery on his intestines and we were informed that he was in septic shock yet again. On his last surgery they told us that he did not have enough intestines to live , too much had been damaged. Right now they are supporting all of his organs , sustaining his blood pressure, and keeping him alive. His family has the horrible task of deciding when to stop all of the machines so he can pass. Danny doesn't have any life insurance and nobody was prepared for an event like this. So we need all of the help we can get with expenses for his funeral arrangements. As soon as we have everything situated and a place to lay his body to rest, we will be letting him go. He will go to heaven surrounded by all the people who love him.

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