I'm sure you guys see much worse than this on a daily basis, but you'll still seem some driving dum-dums in this video compilation.

YouTuber "Lubbock Dashcam Guy" put together this reel of Lubbock drivers. You'll catch a little bit of everything here -- from wrong turns to dodging tumbleweeds. This is a really recent posting (June 9th), I can't wait to see what he comes up with in the future.

So, why are Lubbock drivers so bad? My guess is that they weren't originally Lubbock drivers. I believe Lubbock's population is supplemented with folks from the smaller area towns and they just haven't been exposed to any real driving conditions.

If you take a guy who lived in a town with a couple of stoplights and put him in a town with highways, there's always going to be a measure of freaking out.

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