For anyone who never had a date to their prom or just wants to go to a prom dressed how they really feel, Nerd Prom is for you. Time for the geeks and nerds of the world to get theirs.

The first-ever Nerd Prom happens Friday, October 2 at Backstage Live in the Depot District. It doesn't matter if you went to your own prom or not, but this one is specifically for all the nerds out there.

Come dressed geek or chic (or even in your favorite cosplay) and celebrate your fandom.

It's 21 and up because there will be drinking, and therefore dancing. The event is only $5.

Get the limos reserved now, rent or make your own tuxedos and dresses, and come ready to have a great time and be yourself. Or whoever you dressed up as.

There will be vendors and a photographer to capture the magical moments.

Get all the details at comic queen DeNae's Facebook page, and the Lubbock-Con Facebook page. And get your tickets starting tomorrow Friday, September 18 at Star Comics.


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