One of the biggest and most ripped guys on the planet is "The Rock" aka Dewayne Jhonson. Ever since his days in the WWE he has always been a big guy but lately he has looked insanely ripped but still properly proportioned.

His performance in the latest "Fast and the Furious  6" was as expected, I mean let's face it, the role is not that much of a stretch from a acting standpoint but half of the role is to look buff and ripped and "The Rock" mos def has that down!

It is easy to look at him and wonder how many chemicals is pulsing through his body right now but "The Rock" swears that he is all natural and judging from how he has consistently looked throughout his career I would have to agree.

"The Rock" posted the following to Twitter today, revealing the workout diet that he used to prep for Hercules. The film is set for release on July 25th, 2014.