Tomorrow, Saturday, July 15th from 10 a.m. -12 p.m. at Safety City (4500 Avenue U), Kohl's & Covenant are bringing you the Lids For Kids event, ensuring children have access to helmets when they rides bikes or skate.

Children must be present for a helmet fitting, and only one free helmet will be given per child, ages 4-16. I'm very excited that 102.5 KISS will be out there as well because a helmet saved my life!

When I was 9, I rode my bike to a park that was pretty close to my house. But as we lived in Spokane at the time, there were many trees blocking the view. I hit a bump on my bike and fell backwards off of it, cracking the back of my helmet. No adults were around,but I was able to just shake it off. I'm not sure I even ever told my parents this story, but feel free to scare your kids with it. If I didn't have my helmet on, it would have been the back of my skull I cracked.

This is a come and go event, or bring your bike or skates to ride around Safety City. It's probably best to get their early as I am sure helmets are while supplies last.

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