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Lubbock is home to so many amazing food trucks that you have to try. Each truck typically has their own schedule and events they regularly attend, but sometime several trucks come together and form their own event. Next Friday, August 19th is a perfect example of that.

All food truck lovers and late-night snackers won’t want to miss the Midnight Cravings Event happening next week. From 9:00 pm to 11:30 am, 11 different Lubbock food trucks will be parked in the Cardinals Sport Center parking lot (6524 Slide Rd).

The food trucks that will be attending include Taste of Cali, Soda Shack, Nirvana Burger, Go Go Giri, Ramen Shack, Frios, and more.

This is a great opportunity to try out some food trucks you haven’t tried before, pick up one of your favorite meals, or just hang out with friends and get some great grub. With a variety of food, drinks, and desserts in attendance, you could make a whole evening out of it and get a little something from every truck if you want.

Everyone that loves Lubbock food trucks is hype about this event, and is even suggesting ways they can do it again in the future. A few people are suggesting they do it closer to the bars in Lubbock, which I think is a great idea. If they are able to do a late-night event near Broadway, they will be able to catch all the people coming in and out of bars all night long.

According to the post made about the event on Ramen shack’s social media, this is simply the first Midnight Cravings event and they do plan to do more down the line.

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