Jeez, what took her so long. It’s not like she doesn’t have 26 million Twitter followers or anything, gawking at the pictures she posts. In her quest for social media dominance, Lady Gaga has finally joined Instagram, the photo sharing service that Justin Bieber and Rihanna can’t seem to get enough of. Lookout, Biebs and RiRi! Gaga is ready to become the queen of yet another digital space. She’s coming for the crown.

Gaga began sharing photos yesterday (July 5) and you know what that means, little monsters? More intimate and candid photos of the Mother Monster are on the way. Are you about to die from an overdose of joy and excitement at the prospect of more Gaga in your life?

It’s such a big deal if you think about the way Rihanna has used the service to connect intimately with fans. She shares plenty of shots of her sexy, scandalous outfits and her new tattoos, so it’s like a digital photo album she opens up for fans. No one makes better use of digital means than Gaga, and this is just another way for her to strengthen her social media stranglehold.

Gaga quickly amassed 120,000 Instagram followers and we’re actually shocked that she hadn’t joined sooner. If there is anyone who know show to manipulate these social media services to full effect, it’s Gaga.

It was noteworthy when she launched her Amen Fashion Tumblr, since it was proof that Ma Monster would turn over every digital stone in order to communicate with monsters. She also developed her own social networking site, which is currently live but has yet to take off. There is no guarantee that it will, but she’s trying.

Gaga’s first Instagram photo is artsy, as she looks exotic with her high ponytail and cat eye liner, and we expect lots and lots of shots of her and her pals while she is on tour.

Gaga just arrived in Perth, Australia for the final Aussie leg of the Born This Way Ball tour and was thisclose to a wardrobe malfunction. Her twins were popping out of her skintight dress, thanks its cut out chest panels. She was really tempting fate with that getup, but then again, when doesn’t she?

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