From Rockstar Games, the guys that brought you the Grand Theft Auto Franchise and Mafia 1 and 2, comes L.A. Noir. You play a Detective in the 1940's and the cases you are assigned are based on infamous crimes of the period such as the Black Dahlia murders. PS3 players will get a bonus case called "Consul's" Car.

Start out as a beat cop and work your way up through the ranks to detective. This game is groundbreaking in that it utilizes the MotionScan facial animation software that uses 32 cameras around the voice actor and you will be able to read an individuals facial expressions during interrogations in order to decide if they are lying or not. Check out the Trailer:

L.A Noir Trailer in HD

If you like movies like "The Black Dalhia" and "L.A. Confidential" then you are sure to love this one. L.A. Noir available Tuesday and you can bet I will be there to get it !

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