American Idol winner Scotty McCreery has released his first single. It's called "I Love You This Big." I know I'm about to start a riot with his fans, and a ton of angry blogging or commenting, but I really don't care. It sucks. And not just because he's country and most pre-packaged country is all the same. It's because he sounds just like every other country singer, and his voice doesn't match his face. It's also because his song is called "I Love You This Big" which is stupid, and the words sound like they were written by a 12 year old. The song is just every country cliche in the book!

That's what happens when you take something like American Idol where they dress up the winner, give them an image, write some quick songs for them and send another Barbie down the line- with the same-old same-old out of Nashville. This is what is wrong with music these days. The money grubbers have taken the soul out of it. They're just in it to cash in and don't care what kind of crap they drop on us. Here's a hint everybody, Lady Gaga writes her own music and can dress herself and she is the biggest pop star in the world. You have to let the music happen, you can't force it.

But now that I'm done bitchin', here's his song.

Scotty McCreery-"I Love You This Big"

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