Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus Presents Zing Zang Zoom Gold Edition, was this past weekend. I know that's a monster of a title, but it's also a monster of a good time!

Big was there to help open the show, and got an honorary co-ring announcer plaque (I'll include that pic later), and I took my kids and we had an amazing time watching the acrobats and animal acts that have thrilled audiences since P.T. Barnum first started his travelling carnival. Here is just a few of the great pics we took. There aren't any during the show because the flashes could easily spook the animals, or startle the performers and cause some damage. That doesn't matter because even what we took before and after the show are awesome enough. Check 'em out. Sorry if some are blurry, it was a flurry of excitement.

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