Have you ever traveled outside of Texas (aka The Homeland) and found yourself distraught when our favorite soda isn't as widely available -- missing from fountains, menus or even convenience stores?

Of course I'm talking about Dr Pepper, and its Diet counterpart, which compromises about 70 percent of my bloodstream. Dr Pepper was invented in Waco, Texas, and actually debuted nationally one year prior to Coca-Cola.

Keurig, the company that brings you single serve coffee, is buying out Dr Pepper/ Snapple to the tune of nearly $19 Billion dollars. Keurig's CEO said to Bloomberg Magazine: "Combined, our nationwide distribution system will be unrivaled." Keurig has strong supply networking on e-commerce sites, and "that could boost market share for the new combined company in coffee and other soft drinks," according to Bloomberg.

So expect to see our soda more places, especially online.

Also, if you happen to have Dr Pepper stock, expect a nice dividend soon.


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