A Lubbock woman's bad experience with a popular direct-market hair care line has gone viral, with over 2,200 shares.

Caycee Lyn Taylor alleges that after using MONAT hair care products, her hair has "fallen out in chunks" and that what remains is "thin and broken."

Many people took to their Facebook pages to give informal reviews of products, positive or negative, but this post has nearly 700 comments. Taylor has also edited the post over time to answer questions and allegations from the comments.

So why all the comment-travesy? MONAT appears to be a very controversial product.

MONAT is a direct sales product (think: Herbalife, LuLu Leggings, etc.), so it's possible you have family or friends that invested in selling the product who may wish to defend the quality of the product they are selling. MONAT has also spent a lot of time and effort on social media promotion, according to SEO Spark, an Internet Marketing Agency:

One of Monat’s strong suites [sic] looks to be its involvement in the world of social media/networking, as the company has a very strong presence on the likes of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Despite the hype, many people have come forward with negative reviews, saying the product did severe damage to their hair. Of course, personal experiences are always anecdotal and hard to qualify, but the sheer number of negative MONAT YouTube video reviews is staggering.

The company seems to make claims about hair "detoxing" when it looks less than stellar after using MONAT products. Personally, I don't believe hair "detoxing" is a real thing. Hair is not alive, just porous. When those pores are dried out, your hair looks bad.

In addition to negative product reviews, many people have come forward with complaints about MONAT's customer service, particularly the VIP aspect of the website, which requires an initial investment.

I have never used MONAT, so I can't speak to its virtues or lack thereof. It's quite expensive and I typically do not invest in my hair on that level. As a lady with long, thick, wavy and frizzy hair, my biggest successes have been using natural oils like Argan oil and using sulfate free shampoos and conditioners.

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