Kelly Rowland hopes to reunite with her estranged father one day.

Rowland’s father left the family when she was seven years old, and she was raised by her mother. She told Grazia Magazine she’d like to meet her father one of these days — but not right away. “I do have a desire to speak to him,” she says.  ”But I have to be ready when I make that  decision, and I don’t want to hurry myself. I’ve been without him for more than  20 years.”

Rowland also has her eyes on some other men. She says she’s “dating and happy,” although she won’t say who the lucky guy is. She’s also quick to add the whole white picket fence life is on her radar, adding, “I definitely want to get married and I definitely want babies.”

Before she can start her brood, though, Rowland will start a tour with Chris Brown September 12 in Toronto.

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