I need to start riding the Bus! An unknown individual livened up a morning commute this week by belting out Perry’s ‘California Gurls’ for all to hear.


The incident occurred on an 8AM bus ride in Jersey City, according to the video’s poster, who called it “pretty much the best bus ride ever!” We love the guy’s commitment. And he was listening to the song on a Discman, which means he wasn’t just some fake Perry fan — he probably had the full ‘Teenage Dream’ CD. It’s just too bad the video cuts off before he got to Snoop Dogg‘s rap verse.

We don’t expect to see this gentleman on ‘The Voice‘ anytime soon, but his enthusiastic bus performance is making him an online sensation. This was funny, but we hope it doesn’t give other would-be singers any ideas. We enjoy our quiet bus rides, thank you very much!

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