If you missed it this weekend, Patrick Mahomes and his fiancee Brittany Matthews welcomed their daughter into the world. They announced their daughter's arrival via social media with a photo and her name "Sterling Skye Mahomes".

A lot of people commented on the news with congratulations and excitement. Kansas City even lit up Union Station in pink and white to welcome the newborn. Mahomes is a first-time dad and trying to navigate life as one for the first time but eventually, he'll need to be out of the house and teammates are already lining up to try and babysit.

There's one teammate that's already been banned from baby duties (party animal Travis Kelce) and now another one of Mahomes receivers has seemingly been shut down from being the baby's temporary protector.

Speedster Mecole Hardman shot his shot on Twitter asking Matthew's if he could babysit and she didn't say no, but she certainly didn't say yes either. She responded that she'd have to think about it.

That sure seems like a no.

Fans were not as gentle under the post saying that Hardman would just drop Sterling Skye like he drops footballs and other jokes in the same vein. People on Twitter are amusing but absolutely ruthless, and I'm not sure now is the right time to be cracking jokes about Hardman's ball-handling skills.

It's certainly one thing for Mahomes to trust Hardman enough to throw him the ball, but that trust would have to go a whole lot deeper for Mamomes to throw him his newborn baby. Metaphorically.

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