Hey Beliebers, we have an update on Justin Bieber‘s paparazzo scuffle and it turns out that the photographer may have embellished and/or lied about the extent of his injuries, meaning The Biebs may be free and clear regarding this matter.

First, a recap: The Biebs had an altercation with a member of the paparazzi while in California last weekend. He split, the pap called an ambulance, filed a report and The Biebs was wanted for questioning and it was revealed that could face prosecution for his behavior. Gasp! It seemed like the teen was in some serious legal hot water for a minute.

Now, authorities have revealed (via Perez Hilton) that the photog “had no visible injuries and he didn’t require any further medical attention when he went to the emergency room. The injuries that the photographer claims to have are rather unremarkable.”

A-ha. So it sounds like the snapper was making a mountain out of molehill, and was likely looking for a payout, since The Biebs’ fame is at its apex and he has some deep pockets in his baggy pants.

The ‘Boyfriend’ singer has remained silent on this matter for now.

We hope this situation goes away, quick. JB has to focus on ‘Believe,’ which drops in 20 days! Weeeee!

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