Rihanna‘s got Flo … Flo Rida, that is. The Florida-based rapper remixed her latest single ‘Where Have You Been,’ inserting his Auto-Tuned vocals and some booty-bouncing rhymes. The result? Flo manages to make it sound like he and RiRi actually teamed up to do a duet.

With his version, Flo cranks the bass and injects a bottom-heavy thud, adding some of his signature vocal flavor and flair. He even takes on some of Ri’s verses. Nice job, Flo. He turns the song into a “He said, she said” jam.

The song certainly benefits from and is strengthened by the addition of an assertive male vocal, which Flo delivers, but we also like the song as is, in original form. It’s a malleable tune, one that Flo has made more club-ready. His version certainly begs to be danced to.

We’ve decided to christen this remix FloRiRi.

Flo is making the rounds with the pop honies, recently partnering with Jennifer Lopez for her new single ‘Goin’ In.’ He’s everywhere but not overexposed.

Listen to Flo Rida’s Remix of Rihanna ‘Where Have You Been’

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