O to the M to the G. That tease known as Justin Bieber has shared 13 precious instrumental seconds of his upcoming single ‘Boyfriend,’ which is set to impact the teen pop universe on Monday, March 26.

We know, despite being just three days away, it still feels like an eternity but thankfully our Biebs is a generous Biebs.

The 13-second, vocal-free intro was unlocked on the singer’s website. And while it’s not much, it’s a taste that’ll leave you wanting more. There’s beats that sound like claps and it gives us an indication of what we are likely in for: an uptempo, urban-influenced summer anthem.

The lyrics to ‘Boyfriend’ can be found here (he even drops the word “fondue”), and more pieces of the ‘Boyfriend’ puzzle can be unlocked online before we finally get to feast on the whole song.

Listen to 13-Second Snippet of Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’

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