When Joey McGuire showed up in Lubbock to be the Red Raiders head coach he made some promises in his introductory press conference. There were a few we won't know the ending to until later on. Like his claim that Texas Tech will play defense, or that he'll die the Red Raiders coach.

Other points and promises though have already been kept. First, he's recruited the heck out of West Texas. That can't really be denied. More so than any coach since Spike Dykes really. On par at the very least with what Mike Leach was doing by bringing in West Texas players.

McGuire also promised energy and passion, which is fairly obvious to anyone paying attention that that has also been kept.

One other promise that now has been kept, or rather a suggestion that was taken, is that Joey McGuire and Jeff Traylor are now on the cover of Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine.

"I'm going to challenge Dave Campbell's Magazine right now," Joey said at his press conference. From McGuire's lips to the cover of the magazine.

McGuire commented on the honor on Twitter, saying, "As a former Texas High School player and a Texas High School coach there is no bigger honor."

McGuire joins three of the five most recent Texas Tech head coaches to don the cover of one of the most iconic magazines in Texas.

There have also been a number of players to be on the magazine's cover as well. Kingsbury was on the cover as both a player and a coach. Dykes graced the cover multiple times as the head coach of Texas Tech. Here's every Red Raider who's been on the cover:

The 11 Dave Campbell's Texas Football Preview Magazine's that have featured Red Raiders

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