Jay Z and Timbaland are being taken back to court for their hit song "Big Pimpin," after a judge ruled in their favor in 2015. In actuality, the case has been going on since 2007 and the plaintiff, Osama Ahmed Fahmy, has yet to get a ruling in his favor.

According to Fahmy, Jay and Timb unlawfully used his uncle Baligh Hamdy's song "Khosara, Khosara" for "Big Pimpin," but U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder said there wasn't enough evidence to support his claim.

She also said because Fahmy licensed his uncle's song to local record labels, he lost his rights, but his lawyer Keith Wesley strongly disagrees. Based on Wesley's reasoning, although Fahmy gave up his right to be financially compensated, he still has a moral right under Egyptian law, which says if "Khosara Khosara" is used, it can't have any "unauthorized fundamental alterations."

Evidently, Fahmy didn't like the lyrical content of "Big Pimpin," because Jay rhymes about "money, drugs and prostitutes," as he says.

Will the judge rule in the plaintiff's favor over a moral rights issue? Some might say the guy is reaching a bit, and his new case will end before it even begins.

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