Cost of living keeps going up in Texas- but is your paycheck going up with it? As a Millennial, I've been told that my generation is financially doomed. It can certainly feel that way sometimes!

Josh Appel via Unsplash
Josh Appel via Unsplash

If you're like me, then you know that sometimes the struggle is real! Sometimes you have to dig into your jars of change or your smash your piggy banks just to make ends meet! Don't get me wrong, it's not always like that- sometimes you do get to enjoy a little bit of luxuries; but is it just me or does it seem like lately- no amount of budgeting is helping?!

Well, I don't think us Texans are the only ones on the struggle bus! According to SmartAsset, the percentage of adults living in middle-income households in the United States fell by more than 10 percentage points over the last 50 years!



According to this website, the amount of money you need to be bringing into your household to be considered middle class in Texas is $44,865 (that's on the lower end) to $133,926 (on the higher end). To be considered right in the middle, you need to be making $66,963 annually.

If those number sound a bit high to you- I think it's time to ask for a raise- or find something better!

For those of us in El Paso- we actually came in one of the 20 cities with lowest income limits for middle class- in El Paso you need to make $34,331 (on the lower end) to $51,241 annually to be considered middle class.

You can check out the website's entire methodology here.

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