Texas is really feeling the heat right now with an extreme weather advisory for the scorching summer weather. We felt it in June, had a small break, but now it’s coming right back this week.

If you’ve never been to Texas during the summer, I promise you don’t understand summer heat in the same way Texans do. Even as someone that grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, where the weather is consistently 115+ in the summer, I can say Texas is also a very hot state.

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If you still don’t believe me, why not take a Floridian’s word for it?

Florida is also a very warm state, and some might say it is even worse because of how humid it is there. One Floridian, that goes by @drejmc on TikTok, recently visited Texas and praised its residents saying we are ‘built different’ for living with this sort of heat.

The main difference, and the ultimate problem, was that the Florida breeze will cool you down while the Texas breeze does nothing of the sort. He described the Texas wind as a blow dryer blasting at full speed. Rather than cooling you off, it just forces the hot air into your face at a higher velocity.

Warning: NSFW Language

The funny thing is, when you grow up in a certain climate, your body adjusts to it and the weather in that area might not feel as drastic anymore. However, every Texan, no matter how long they’ve lived here, will all agree that this state can get way too hot.

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