Recently a bodybuilding show came to Lubbock and we found out what goes on to put the show together, the nutrition/supplements side, and even dove into the minds of the athletes. While all those things are big parts of what it takes to get fit and even go from couch potato to bodybuilding stud.


At the Hub City Classic one of the sponsors happened to be Infinity Training and Wellness, owned by IFBB pro bodybuilder Jennifer Sedia. In an interview Sedia states she has always been interested in bodybuilding since she was a little girl and always worked out her body and mind by studying and working out as much as she could. Sedia first competed back in 2004 after moving to Lubbock and asking people bodybuilding competitors for help and guidance.

The Gym

Sedia opened Infinity Training and Wellness in January of 2022 after she had been doing personal training for some time and felt like she wasn't able to reach enough people that needed her help. After a talk with her mentor Sedia decided to open a gym where she could be present and available to the community as they come to workout.

The Mentality

So what does it take to become a bodybuilder? Well workout is the simple answer but always seek the knowledge to better yourself and never stop yourself from the goals you have. Sedia does urge people seeking to enter the realm of bodybuilding to seek out someone like a coach or trainer who has knowledge and certifications along with proof of transformation. If bodybuilding is not your thing then remember to do workouts that involve weight training and something cardiovascular so you have a good mix of things.


Remember to always workout at your fitness level and never chew off more than you can handle because you can hurt yourself. Sedia does state that the line between bodybuilding and regular workouts is actually very thin and can be crossed with enough dedication. Don't be afraid to do your research and ask others a question if you have them. Infinity Training and Wellness has a variety of trainers that work from novices, senior citizens, and even bodybuilding competition training. Infinity Training and Wellness also offers a variety of types of workout classes and training while offering a very clean environment to focus on your health.

Sedia does recommend to stick with a workout plan for 6 to 8 weeks to see results and if you don't see results then try something new and don't stop the work. The hardest part is actually getting started. More information about Infinity Training and Wellness can be found on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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