Back in July 2022, I broke the news that Salata Salad Kitchen wanted to come to Lubbock but needed you. Now we know more details after speaking with the local franchise.

This Houston-based franchise is a great addition to the area and gives people who want a healthy option here more choices.

The franchisee is local and experienced in running restaurants in Lubbock. His name is Charles Warren and he is ready to take on the adventure.

Warren was blown away by his first visit and knew it needed to come to Lubbock. Now years later it is finally happening.

The first location is set to open at the new Covenant Park located at 82nd Street and Marsha Sharp. This location is shooting to open in early August.

As of right now, they are set to open three locations but hopefully more. The second location is almost ready to be announced. The location is in central south Lubbock. This one hopefully will open before Thanksgiving.

I've never tried it, but all my friends in the Dallas area are obsessed with it. They have so many options at their salad bar that will make you hungry just by looking at it.

I've always wanted to know if they would come out here. I think it will be a good pair here and it would be great for me because they have spinach that I can eat. They have so many base options like kale, mix, Romaine, Argula and so much more, plus lots of toppings like vegetables, cheese, nuts, and fruits.

You get to come in pick the size and/or style, choose your base, add your protein, choose your toppings and dressings. This is all customizable and you can get something new and fresh every time.

They also have soups as well that are made in-house just like their dressings.

They will have a pickup window, order online, in-store, or through the app. They also have a reward program.

I will keep you updated when we find out more. You can find out more details on Salata's official website.

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