My second stop for the hidden gems of 806 is staying right here in Lubbock.

I have heard things about Cuevas Drive In but this is the first time I have gone and had their lunch and I learned the love for this place very fast.

This is one of those places you have to know about to find, it is off N. Ash Avenue in a blue building, so once you find it you will know!

Kelsee Pitman
Kelsee Pitman

The building is a cute little house-looking spot, you walk in and the workers are friendly. The lunch specials are out of this world. Each day they have something for $10 and it comes with a side and drink!

The two owners are there to serve you and make the food fresh when you order.

We got Mexican food and steak fingers. They came out smoking hot and fresh. It is definitely one of the best steak fingers I have ever had, definitely something you should order! I also got a side enchilada because it looked so good I couldn't pass it up. It was delicious, I loved the red sauce.

Kelsee Pitman
Kelsee Pitman

The owners are a father-son duo and you can tell they love what they do.

Luz Cuevas told me, Cuevas Drive In got started back in 2010 and everything is cooked fresh daily. The chicken fried steaks are hand-pressed, the chicken strips hand-pressed, and all fresh tortillas are made daily.

People love this spot most for the prices.

"With all the businesses struggling right now that the one thing small businesses rely on is word of mouth and repetitive business so we are kind of geared towards the working class which is why we try to keep our prices low and reasonable portions," said Luz.

If you follow their Facebook page they announce new daily specials they will randomly have along with their set ones as well.

You can check them out at 2013 N. Ash Ave., Lubbock, TX.

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