There have been rumors going around that Rave On at The Buddy Holly Hall could be changing or going away. This is what we know.

The Lubbock Entertainment Performing Arts Association(LEPAA) is looking to find a new partner for the food and beverage operations inside the Buddy Holly Hall due to the United Family parting ways on its partnership operating Rave On at the end of March.

"United has been a great partnership for us and they are going to help us work through this tradition as well. I think their goal is right in alignment with ours as we continue to work together to make it seamless," said Jeff Hunsinger, Chief Executive Officer of LEPAA.

Back in 2021, The United Family in partnership with LEPPA opened Rave On. This is an upscale restaurant at Lubbock's Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences.

It pays homage to the 1958 Buddy Holly hit. They serve lunch, dinner, and drinks. They offer a variety of foods like steak, seafood, and poultry options in addition to vegetarian choices.

While we don't know exactly what is going to change or happen to the restaurant, we do know the partnership between the two companies will end in two months.

The statement from The United Family however said after careful consideration the United Supermarkets LLC has “decided to refocus on [its] core business, with plans to expand retail locations in 2024.”

Additionally, The United Family hopes to grow its footprint in existing and new markets, said the statement.

Hopper added, “United is committed to honoring our commitment and will do whatever reasonably possible to support LEPAA, our team members, and the facility during this transition.”

LEPAA hopes to release something very soon on what is going to happen for the future of Rave On.

"It is hard to say exactly at this point because we are still working on the details," said Hunsinger.

He also says at this point it is not clear if it will stay Rave On or a restaurant. We will keep you updated when more information comes out.

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