Count me in with those who are less than impressed with the Tesla Cybertruck. 

Not that I have any problem with Tesla or electric vehicles in general, it’s just that it doesn’t look like a truck to me. It more resembles a hatchback or something – except it’s huge. 

But I would be lying if I told you I don’t stop and stare when I see one. Say what you want but they are unique.

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That’s why a video of a Cybertruck cruising through Dallas is getting so much attention on X (formerly Twitter). Even if most of the attention the video is receiving is negative. 

I guess if I owned a Cybertruck I would most likely tell myself that the haters were just jealous because they can’t afford one. But since I don’t (and wouldn’t buy one if I could swing for it), I get where they’re coming from. 

I’m kind of an artsy person, so having a certain aesthetic is important to me. And that thing looks like it should be cruising around Mars, not a farm or ranch. 

Instead, I would rather have a Chevy, Dodge, or Ford truck all day every day.

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