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If you have ever gotten back-to-back jury summons from courts in Texas, it can get a bit overwhelming. Time is money, and in this day and age we need more of both.

If you get a jury summons, taking time away from your business or job can have some financial consequences. There are a lot of reasons that people give to not serve on a jury.

When you get your summons you must contact the judge to find out what you need to do to be exempted from service. There is one sure-fire thing you can tell them that will make it so you never get jury duty again.

Automatic Dismissal From Jury Duty In Texas By Doing This

I was talking to a friend of mine over the weekend, commiserating about our being both on jury duty years ago. We had gotten a summons at the same time and used that time to catch up during the selection process.

Neither of us got picked that day, so when I saw him again I enquired if he had gotten to serve on any other juries since. Then he told me his secret for never getting jury duty again.

He told me that he had aged out of jury duty. I didn't even think such a thing was possible.

You Are Exempt From Jury Service In Texas Because Of This One Thing

If you are over 70, you can be excused from jury duty in Texas because of your age. At the age of 75, you can request a permanent age exemption.

Next time you get a letter hopefully you will be over 70. There are lots of other ways to get dismissed from jury duty in Texas, but this one is foolproof.

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