You can't blame a restaurant for wanting to be close to South Plains Mall. It's a busy area with plenty of traffic from both Lubbockites and surrounding area folks who come into town to shop.

Of course, it also comes with plenty of competition. There are several fast-food, casual, and full-service restaurants in the area, so you have to be great if you're going to attempt to play on that field.

The 5004 Slide location of KFC couldn't cut it (or no longer wanted to) and closed. Now, the building has been painted beige, leading me to wonder what could be moving into this primo location next.

Danny Loa
Danny Loa

I looked in all the usual places: Lubbock In The Loop, the newspaper, and of course, my favorite foodie Kelsee Pitman. She'll likely know before anyone else about this.

However, I do have some theories, based on the location and color of the building.

Raising Canes

Raising Cane's tends to be this beige color, and we all know Lubbock will support as many of these chicken strip restaurants as they are willing to build.


There's a Starbucks at 50th and Indiana, and Starbucks in the nearby Market Street, and Barnes & Noble in the mall. But when has a close-by Starbucks ever stopped another Starbucks?

Something New To Lubbock

Small Sliders, Dave's Hot Chicken, Hawaiian Bros Island Grill, Nashbird, El Pollo Loco, Salata Salad, and Layne's Chicken Fingers have all expressed interest in coming to Lubbock in 2024 and all make good candidates for this location.

Something New Entirely

This could be a spot for a local person to try their luck.

Not Even Food

I think this is unlikely, but it is possible

We will be watching closely to see just what moves into 5004 Slide Road, and will likely try it the next time we hit up the mall.

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