A recent study found one of my favorite fast food chains ranks as the WORST in the United States. I'm not exactly surprised. The restaurant isn't nearly as popular as it was in the 90s, and most of the old locations in our area have closed down. It's a shame. They used to have some awesome food...

So, what fast food restaurant ranked as the worst in the U.S.? Any ideas?

I'll give you a hint: Think tarter sauce...

If you guessed Long John Silver's, you are correct. As of 2023, there were 86 Long John Silver's restaurants in Texas.

According to Yahoo Finance and Reddit, Long John Silver's is the worst fast food restaurant in the United States. It looks like customers don't think the food quality is up to snuff these days. I mean, think about it. How likely are you to pull over and eat than you are to just keep driving when you see a Long John Silver's? You're probably not keeping them in business. Someone gotta be, though. It's a mystery...

Coming in number two on the list of the worst fast food restaurants in the United States is Burger King. Really? I love Burger King! They have the best onion rings. I wonder what the fuss is about? I can understand Long John Silver's...but Burger King? Sad day.

Number three on the list is Subway, and I think that's pretty fair. The prices have gone up at Subway, but the sandwiches haven't gotten any bigger. I'm calling BS on Subway. We're onto you guys...

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