As we bring October to a close I have a few more stories to share of my family and their encounters with the supernatural. I last shared with you the story of my great grandfather Pascual Sanchez and the turkey I am somewhat related to, that story can be found here. This story will have some name changes as it involves my relatives that are currently still living so for privacy reasons I must change their names.

This story takes place in Mexico (why does everything happen there?) while my grandparents had my aunts and uncles with them as young children. My aunt Kate got very sick one night and my great grandmother Rumelda told my grandmother Maria that she needed to get her medicine. My grandmother and grandfather went out to get Kate medicine but the store they went to was closed so they sent out their youngest son, baby Jonathan, to go to the other store in town. This store was located in a more rural part of the town and the owner was said to be a witch.

Baby Jonathan took Kate with him so that they could get the medicine and it was already getting pretty late. The two siblings made their way across town to the store but there were no lights on and the night was silent that you could hear a pin drop. Jonathan looked inside and fell into the door as it wasn't locked just yet but empty.

The two siblings went inside looking for the medicine and found it in the furthest aisle away from the door and counter. Jonathan and Kate went to the counter to pay for the medicine when they heard footsteps and a soft meow coming from the cash register. There was a black cat staring at directly into a dark shadowy figure that seemed to have it's back turned to the creature but then began laughing. This scared the two siblings as they never noticed the woman and were unsure if she noticed them enter the store. The woman raised her hands to her face and set some white balls down on the counter before touching the cats face and taking some more white balls.

The woman kept those white balls from the cat and put them near her face when Jonathan gasped. The woman turned and had the cats eyes in place of her own and she then noticed the two children in her store as she began laughing as the cat held the witches eyes in place of it's own. The children ran out of the store with the medicine and threw the money on the counter and didn't look back to see if they were being chased.

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