Premiere Cinemas, located inside South Plains Mall (6002 Slide Rd) checks every box on my "perfect movie experience" list. 

Extremely comfy seats ✓

Gorgeous picture and amazing sound ✓

All the popcorn and soda I could want, and I can refill it myself ✓

Nice bathrooms ✓

Great bar drinks ✓

See what I'm saying? Premiere is perfect, but now it's going to be even better, thanks to innovative new technology.


Premiere Cinemas has installed Barco Laser Projectors, for an even better picture on their huge screens. Laser projectors are superior to lamp projectors because they offer sustained brightness over time, and provide better contrast and improved color. Blacks are blacker, reds are redder, and the image overall is sharper, brighter, and more precise.

Additionally, laser projectors are more environmentally sustainable than their traditional counterparts. They use less electricity and there is no need to replace and dispose of xenon bulbs.

From Premiere's press release:

The news makes Lubbock among the only cities in Texas to have actual laser-projection in a cinema, and Premiere is the only cinema is the part of the country to offer it [...] "it's another fabulous-first for Lubbock."

I love it when Lubbock is a leader, and this is a great example of just that.

Think of all the amazing movies that are coming out this year, that you'll now be able to see at an even better visual quality. I'll be riding the Shai-Hulud myself when Dune 2 comes out later this month. And I'll be besties with Deadpool and Wolverine. Not to mention Joker: Folie à Deux, Civil War, Nosferatu, and many others are going to be even better with the razor-sharp picture these projectors create.

Nothing beats the experience of seeing a great movie at the theater. I'm sure I would have loved Poor Things on a small screen, too, but seeing it at Premiere was an immersive and enchanting experience. 2024 is going to be a fantastic year for film- at the best possible place to see it.

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