Did you know there is a big difference in the Texas Dairy Queen menu versus the rest of the United States? It kind of blew my mind when I visited a DQ in northern Minnesota and wasn't able to get my favorite menu items. I think the old slogan "DQ: That's What I Like About Texas" really had me convinced the business originated in the Lone Star State. I was very wrong. It's actually a midwestern chain, and the Texas menu is altered to give it more of a hometown vibe. Texas franchise owners developed a different menu for us.

Kind of makes you feel special, huh?

The Beltbuster, The Dude, and The Country Basket are only available at Texas locations. You can't get steak fingers anywhere but here. DQs elsewhere are typically more focused on dessert items than the Southern comfort foods we are accustomed to. One location I went to up north was basically just hot dogs and ice cream. It was also strange to see cheese curds on the menu. There wasn't a Hungerbuster in sight.

It felt illegal.

Just a little food for thought! If you're a Texan looking for some of your favorites at Dairy Queen while you're out of state, you might be disappointed. Luckily, Blizzards are universal...so you can eat one of those while you cry in the parking lot, and then enjoy some steak fingers when you get back to Texas.

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