Lubbock is home to many iconic originals, especially regarding food. Orlando's Restaurant has been creating unique dishes here in Lubbock since 1965 at their 2402 Avenue Q location. 59 years is quite the heritage here in Lubbock, and I believe it is the oldest restaurant in the same location/ with the same concept that exists here.

Over the years, Orlando's added a second location at 6951 Indiana. The owners also brought us the equally oh-so-Lubbock locations of Caprock Cafe, "where Texas plays."


You can get delicious traditional Italian fare at Orlando's. However, I'm a sucker for their Italian/ Tex-Mex fusion dishes- a concept that could leave an outsider scratching their head, but I know better. I frequently crave the "Down & Dirty Tortellini" a dish of deep-fried tortellini drizzled in a buttery habanero sauce and served with a lemon wedge. It's phenomenal. The Green Chili Chicken Linguini is also a must-try.

Typical of their trail-blazing spirit, Orlando's has expanded once again, this time into United Supermarkets and Market Street. Orlando's brand sausages are now available for purchase. Now, you can make your own innovative dishes with a dash of Orlando's signature flavors.

That's right, you can have "a little Italian and a lotta of fun" right off your grill or sliced into your favorite sauce any time you like in both traditional Italian sausage and green chili Italian sausage.

Orlando's joins other local favorites like Evie Mae's Barbeque and Slaton Bakery on shelves at United and Market Street.

Congratulations to Orlando's, proving that longevity and innovation can go hand-in-hand, just like Italian pasta and Southwest chilies.

And while I'm here, I'd like to thank Orlando's for my very existence- my mom and dad had their first date there.

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