Bankruptcy. That is the future for Gander Mountain. After only a few years in Lubbock, it looks like the end as the struggling retailer recently filed for bankruptcy.

The Lubbock location has been having a store-wide clearance sale for several weeks, but per employees, it's still business as usual. And there's no official word on whether the store will close or not. If I was a betting man, I would say the story will not exist 90 days from now.

Let’s be realistic. This is the exact same thing Radio Shack did in Lubbock. Radio Shack also said it was business as usual when they went into bankruptcy. They had clearance sales, and employees were told everything was OK when in fact it wasn’t. Several folks ended up losing their jobs.

So, my advice to you folks into guns and fishing is to get out there now while everything is on sale.


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