Blossoms are budding and the air is starting to get less chilly which means Spring is in the air. That means that are that much closer to Fall and celebrating Halloween but what if we could celebrate it a little earlier? Well you can now!

Springoween, sometimes known as Spring-o-ween, is in full effect but how do you celebrate it? Springoween is not a real holiday like Halloween but instead is a way for people to decorate their homes and invoke the spirit of the holiday into their life. Most people will use different items from Halloween such as those pumpkin buckets used for candy and instead use them for flowers.

Another thing people do to celebrate Springoween is by planting black flowering plants to make their spring and summer garden beds have that spooky gothic feel. All kinds of decorations are welcome during Springoween as long as they have some type of connection to spring. Springoween does have a very popular cousin, summerween, that many people also love to celebrate by carving watermelons the same way you would a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern. Which sounds super tasty.

Some may be asking what is so special that Halloween has to be celebrated early and I guess you just have to be spooky lover. Since Springoween is made up by people who love Halloween there isn't very much opportunity for trick or treating like the October holiday. There are many ways to make the holiday your own and have the spookiest themed home on the block that the Munsters would be proud to admire.

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