When most people think about having to go to the DMV, it isn’t viewed as a fun experience. It’s a place where you have to sit and wait for what feels like forever, only to be made to feel like you’re the problem once you finally get up to the counter.

Whether you are dealing with a title change, getting your license, or any other reason you might need to go to the DMV, it’s typically a dreaded time, especially for those that come from larger cities. I recently had to renew my driver's license, and while most people are able to do so online or over the phone, I had to go in person.

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These online and over-the-phone methods are a great option for making the process less bothersome, so I was initially frustrated hearing I would have to go in person.

Fortunately, they have an appointment system in place, so it was easy to book online, even for a day-of appointment. They also have an option to check in online to save you some time once you arrive to the DMV.

I got there, expecting a pretty long wait, even with the appointment, but I was able to be seen right away. There were a few other people there, but no one seemed to be waiting very long. Everyone working there was also very nice and made the whole process very easy.

I could see it being stressful if you’re there to take a driving test, but I felt like it was a pretty stress-free experience.

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