It's not easy being Iron Man. In this new trailer for 'Iron Man 3,' we're faced with a cliff-hanger as the Man of Stainless Steel attempts a daring mid-air rescue.

A shorter version of the above extended commercial premiered during the 2013 Super Bowl showing a glimpse of Iron Man rescuing passengers of a downed plane mid-air. Thanks to the Iron Man Facebook page, we have an extended look at all the action.

Also glimpsed is Ben Kingsley chewing scenery as The Mandarin, which is pretty awesome if you ignore the nagging problematic fact that he's only part Asian due to his Indian background and not 100% Asian like The Mandarin. (But only the uber-nerds care about that sort of thing, right?) Regardless, based on this promo it looks like Tony Stark is going to have his hands full (literally) this time!

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