Pretty much everything that Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever done has been big, so you can bet his commercial for this year's Super Bowl is EPIC.

While the movie icon and ex-"Governator" of California is the biggest, he's just one of the stars of Bud Light's crazy ad for this year's big game. There's also Don Cheadle, Minka Kelly, Reggie Watts and OneRepublic.

An extended, nearly four-minute version of the clip has hit online (watch it above). The commercial shows the hidden-camera adventures of an unsuspecting fellow named Ian. The ad takes pains to point out he is not actor, so he probably is. But let's not let that ruin the fun, because there's a ton to be had!

Ian is approached by a pretty woman in a bar who asks him, "Are you up for whatever happens next?" He wisely answers affirmatively, as he is whisked around town in a bachelorette-filled limo, gets gussied up by Minka, runs into Cheadle and a llama in an elevator, hits a party filled with only twins and, best of all, ends up being challenged by Schwarzenegger to a game of "tiny tennis." That Ah-nuld is wearing a ridiculous wig while playing Ping Pong just makes it that much better. Oh, and he TOTALLY cheats!

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