I love mined Google data- it can be so revealing. Recently mentalfloss.com made a neat infographic of every state's most frequent "Why Do..."? google inquires. There's some real comedy gold.

Californians most commonly want to know- "Why do flies like poop?"; meanwhile I'm googling "Why do Californians care so much about flies and poop?"

Florida wants to know "Why do I feel so alone?" Poor Florida.

Michigan's is the best "Why do I have diarrhea?"

Many states want to know why dogs lick and cats purr. Texas, however, is perfect for Texas and I think I have the answer.

"Why do ears ring?"

Well this is Texas and all, I might guess that its tinnitus from shooting your myriad gun collection. Or maybe you had the TV blaring for the game, or your giant pickup backfired. Anyway, your ears are ringing because Texans are a loud people.

To see what every state wanted to know, head over here.



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