Through my time as a student at Texas Tech, first for my undergraduate degree and now for grad school, I have learned a lot about Tech.

There is so much Texas Tech and Lubbock have to offer, and I'd love to see more students have great experiences here. If you are about to start your first semester as a Red Raider, here are some tips to help make your first semester as enjoyable as possible.

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Get Out of Your Dorm

I know it’s tempting to stay in and avoid the chaos of the first few weeks of classes, but it is so important to get out, explore campus, and meet new people. Try out all of the different dining halls, explore all of the buildings, and don’t be afraid to spark a conversation with another student. This is how you’ll get comfortable on campus and even make some great friends.

Join an Organization

If you are struggling to make friends in class or around campus, joining an organization can be a great way to meet people. It’s also a way to try something new and potentially gain experience in your desired field.

Utilize Campus Resources

There are so many resources on campus that you should take advantage of. Use the Rec Center for the gym or the pool, visit Student Business Services, or sign up for counseling if you’re having a tough time. There are also always events happening around campus that are free for students. There are especially a lot of events at the start of the semester.

Explore Lubbock

Not only do you want to get out of your dorm, but you should spend some time off campus. There are so many great things Lubbock has to offer, and many businesses offer student discounts. You’ll even find a variety of ‘College Nights’ with discounts and specials just for students.

Make Time to Study

While all of the exploring and getting to know people is a lot of fun, you have to remember that you are there to study and get your degree. Be sure to find a healthy balance of going out and enjoying what Tech and Lubbock have to offer, while also getting all of your homework and studying done so you can ace your classes.

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