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Saturday, April 23rd, 2022, is a big day for vinyl collectors and record stores alike.

Lubbock is home to two amazing record stores, Ralph's Records and Josey Books & Records. Both of these shops have been staples in Lubbock for vinyl lovers of all backgrounds, so of course they have to celebrate Record Store Day.

This annual event started in 2007 and happens one Saturday every April, as well as Black Friday each November. The event began as a way to celebrate and appreciate independently-owned record stores in order to bring together music lovers from around the world. Record stores typically celebrate this annual event with special events, discounts, exclusive stock and more in order to show their appreciation to their customers.

If you want to participate in this special event this weekend, be sure to keep an eye on Ralph’s and Josey’s social media for any updates on what they will be doing for Record Store Day. Both shops have already made a few posts about the event, but you really have to be there on Saturday to truly understand the hype around this special day. If you plan to participate in this weekend’s Record Store Day, Josey Books & Records opens at 8 a.m., and Ralph's Records will open their doors one hour later at 9 a.m.

Josey’s will have Brewjeria Coffee at their shop if you want to stop by early and grab a cup of joe to get all the energy you need to browse through all that good vinyl. Ralph’s has announced that they'll be having some great sales going on and will be releasing more information later this week. Be sure to keep an eye on their official Instagram page before the big day.

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