Whether you are from the United Stats or not, Texas is a highly recognizable place all around the world.

Not only is it one of the largest states in the U.S., but it is it known for its southern charm, diverse landscape, and more.

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While we can all recognize the shape of the state pretty easily, and it is known for being large-and –in-charge, the way it is represented on a map is not necessarily the most accurate. You see, in order to represent the whole world on a flat surface, many parts of the globe were distorted.

This means that the proportions of how we usually see the U.S. compared to other parts of the world aren’t exactly accurate.

Thetruesize.com aims to help us visualize things in a more accurate way, so I used their platform to find out how Texas really sizes up across the world. Even moving up north to Canada, or comparing the Lone Star state to other U.S. states makes a huge difference.

Keep scrolling to see what I mean.

How Texas Sizes up Across the World

This is how the size of Texas compares to other parts of the world based on thetruesize.com.

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