Yes ocasionally, like a lot of you, I will over indulge in delicious cocktails and yummy shots and get ...well...drunk! I've never done anything too crazy like go to jail or start a riot but I have made a few late night phone calls saying, "Hey what are you doing?.....Can I come over?". Shut up you know your guilty as I am. I'm sure we all have our own way of acting when inebriated. Some of you pig out on fast food while crying and asking God "Why? Why?Why?". Others out there will call an EX and get a little action and some of you will get arrested and then belt out a version of "Bohemian rhapsody" by Queen for the arresting officer! Wait... What? Thats right, check out this drunken wannabe rockstar doin what he does best.

You gotta love alcohol. It brings out the best in all of us! Have a good and safe weekend and if your gonna do it, do it responsibley.

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