It seems like McDonald's comes out with a new heart stopping menu item every week. Wendy's is fattening up everyone with their new pretzel bun and 1lb of meat and cheese. Carl's Jr, even though we don't have one, has the best commercials in the business. FYI if I ever see a Carl's Jr. im stoppin' fo sho!

Then we come to Burger King. BK has never been my favorite but obviously people eat it, and I imagine people will chow down their new $1 "French Fry Burger." It's just like a regular Burger King hamburger only there are FRIES on top of the patty.

It'll cost $1 but that's because they're only putting FOUR fries on top.  So let's face it it's not like it'll keep you from ordering fries with your burger.  Basically, it'll just add a little French fry taste.