The Washington Post recently created a data map that displays the Most Racist Places In America. However, the information is based on one metric alone: instances of people googling the "N" word.

Obviously, you can be racist towards other ethnic groups, use a different key word in your racist internet queries or your racist great uncle might not even have a computer to hunt for "N" word-related materials. It's not the best metric to make any claim on, but it is an interesting one to look into. When you google a term, it's quasi-private, so this data perhaps shows the unfiltered side of some people.

I also suppose its possible that folks might have good-natured reasons for googling the n word. I briefly considered it myself in researching this article just to see what would pop up, but then I felt totally yucky about it and didn't want it in my internet history. Keep in mind this is the "hard R" n-word, not the slightly different word that pops up in some rap songs.

Here's the other problem with this map. It doesn't show cities or even state lines. Luckily, my sweet boyfriend scaled, rotated and gave himself a headache trying to overlay a transparent map with cites over the data map so we could tell for sure where Lubbock landed. I was pleasantly surprised.

Most racist places

As you can see, compared to many other parts of the country, Lubbock rarely googles the "N" word. Please do not google it now and mess up the map for next year, okay?

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