According to our friends over at Lubbock in the Loop, there's a "high probability" that Lubbock will finally get a Braum's Ice Cream Shop somewhere on 98th street.

Everything goes to south Lubbock it seems, but there's also some indication that another Braum's will open closer to my 'hood -- across the street from Texas Tech in the old Dion's location at 9th and University.

It's always been a mystery to me why Lubbock hasn't ever had a Braum's. Amarillo has five locations; it hardly seems fair. It makes me wonder if there are Dairy Queen or Baskin Robbins enforcers out there. I'm sure there's plenty of ice cream demand to accommodate another southern-based ice cream restaurant.

Calf laying in straw at a Pennsylvania Dairy farm.

So what makes Braum's unique? They own their own dairies. They control their supply chain "vertically" to ensure their dairy products meet their specifications for their ice cream. They also bake their own bread and even have their own fleet of semis to transport their product. All stores are located within 300 miles of their farm.

Braum's is more than just the ice cream. They have burgers and even little grocery sections. I remember getting treated to their awesome ice cream on road trips.

Remember Ernest (AKA Jim Varney)? He explains Braum's here:

No announcement has been made as to when the Braum's might open. Here's hoping we get it in time for the summer.

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